professional sweeps

Sandpits Heating Centre has been supplying and installing wood burning stoves for over 50 years. We employ our own team of installation engineers who have always carried out the servicing and maintenance of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

We carry out chimney sweeps, camera inspections and servicing as a professional in house service.

Our engineers are APICS & HETAS (Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps & Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme) registered.

Association of Professional Independent Chimney SweepsHETAS approved Chimney Sweep

Services We Provide

Stove Service & Repair

When sweeping your flue we can also offer a stove service, checking seals and flue connections, plus:

  • Glass replacement
  • Brick / liner checks and replacements
  • Baffle replacements
  • Minor door repairs

* For servicing we will require the manufacturer, model, type (MkI,II,etc) and age of the stove plus the serial number where possible.

Additional Services

  • Chimney Camera Inspections
  • Advice on Chimney Liners
  • Fitting of appropriate cowls

We Can Offer

  • Office Based Diary System – to ensure that appointments can be made to suit you.
  • Potentially set up re-occurring annual chimney sweeps
  • Full access to spare parts, such as door seals, firebricks, baffle plates etc
  • Fully registered Hetas Installation team should further works be required.


Tens of thousands of chimney fires occur every year. Any time wood is burnt in a fireplace, soot and creosote are produced. Soot is sticky, black carbon particles, and creosote is an oily, flammable liquid tar. These byproducts cling to the inside of a chimney and can easily cause a chimney fire.

When we sweep your chimney stack we will fully seal the fireplace to stop any soot or debris entering the room. Once this has been achieved we will sweep the chimney. Any debris will be removed safely from the premises and disposed of. A smoke test will be carried out to ensure there is no blockage. A certificate will then be issued to confirm your chimney has been swept.

The average sweep can take up to  30 minutes depending on access and the condition of your stove and chimney.

Sweep & Service: 30-45 minutes (excluding any parts which may need to be ordered)

Yes, we can do a full camera assessment of your chimney, provide a report to highlight any safety issues and give recommendations to make your chimney safe.

The charge for a chimney inspection with report is £150.00.

  • Please make sure the stove/fire is not running and has not been running 12 hours prior to the sweep.
  • Please ensure there is a clear passage to the appliance. Sandpits will cover carpets and soft furnishings; however if you know there is the potential for lots of soot then please try and clear the room as best you can.
  • If you are able to empty the stove/fire of ash and unburnt fuel this would also be appreciated.

We cannot give or guarantee specific arrival times for our sweeps due to the nature of our operations. Our routes are constantly evolving to ensure efficiency, accommodate urgent appointments, and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our dedicated staff strive to service stoves and chimneys in a safe, professional manner, but the condition of each appliance may vary, requiring additional time.

In rare cases, we may have to reschedule your sweep to accommodate safety emergencies, inclement weather, or to prioritize client safety. We appreciate your understanding and patience. 

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us 01458 251476.

  • Sweep – £65.00 (£60.00 if more than one chimney on the property or done with a neighbour)
  • We also offer solid fuel servicing for £50 (excluding parts)
  • Have your stove swept & serviced for £90 (excluding parts)
  • Chimney Camera Inspection £150

To make an appointment please click here.

  • If you send us a picture via email of what needs replacing – there is a chance we can bring the parts on the day and fit them for you. Naturally these would be charged as an extra.

  • Our sweep will carry certain spare parts with him, which if needed he can replace for you.

  • If our sweep does not have the spare parts on the van, or notices parts need replacing, then we will provide you with a quote via email.

For servicing we will require the manufacturer, model, type (MkI,II,etc) and age of your stove plus the serial number where possible.

If you do not have this information, we ask that you please take photos of your stove and submit them through our booking form.

We understand that things happen and you may need to change your schedule. Should you need to cancel your sweep appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by ringing 01458 251476 or by sending an email to The earlier you let us know, the sooner we can offer the appointment to someone who may be waiting for an emergency appointment to come available.


Where possible we will stick to the prices we have given you. However, there is always the unknown element to chimney sweeping.  For example, if we find your chimneystack is blocked from top to bottom with birds nests then clearly this is beyond a normal chimney sweep and our chimney sweep will have to charge extra to cover his time beyond the normal sweep or reschedule to have a separate team attend for these works.  At all times any extra works and associated costs will be fully discussed with you.

Unplanned works can mean other customers appointments are delayed and in some instances may need to be rescheduled. Though we understand that this can be frustrating, it is sometimes unavoidable. So we do ask that you make us aware of any situation that may require extra time and attention during your sweep to prevent unplanned additional costs and inconvenience to others.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us 01458 251476.