Recent headlines in the media, misinterpreting the Government’s 2019 CLEAN AIR STRATEGY, have resulted in public confusion regarding stoves and fires. As a stove retailer and installer we would like to clarify some of the points for our potential buyers and existing customers and outline the positive message regarding air quality, ECODESIGN and the Government’s proposed plans for stoves.

What are the Ecodesign and Air Quality Standards?

Ecodesign Air Quality standards are designed to reduce the amount of emissions that affect air quality, stoves and fires will be required to meet new, and tougher targets for emissions.

Will stoves and fires be banned?

NO… However, the new legislation states that stoves and fires sold from 2022 will need to be ECODESIGN models.

Does that mean I have to buy an ecodesign stove now?

NO… A full range of stoves will be available to buy in our showroom. From January 2022 stoves will have to be ECODESIGN models

Will the Burning of Wood and Solid Fuels be banned?

High sulphur content solid fuel and wet, unseasoned wood will be targeted by the new legislation and may be banned, but we, as a retailer of stoves and wood and the industry in general will endeavour to make customers aware of the best types of fuel and suitably dry ‘Ready to Burn’ wood that is available.

Can I continue to use my existing stove?

YES… The Clean Air Strategy does not state that there will be a ban on wood burning or multi-fuel stoves, advice on the correct fuels to be burned will be offered. Alterations to stoves and flues after 2022 may be subject to the new regulations

Are Stoves and Fires going to be subject to added taxation?

NO… There is nothing in the Clean Air Strategy indicating additional taxation on Ecodesign or non Ecodesign models.

Is it true that wood burning is one of the main reasons for poor air quality?

Current figures are based on reports that include open fires and older stoves, and are subsequently high (40% rural areas 70% London)
New Ecodesign stoves give off 90% less particulate emissions than an open fire and 80% less than a 10 year old stove and form a core part of the Clean Air Strategy.

What does ECODESIGN mean?

Any Ecodesign stove will need to meet or exceed the new targets for emissions.
This will be achieved by burning off particulates, wood gases and by products inside the firebox before they leave the flue system.

Will the new legislation affect the sale of open fires and fireplaces?

YES… As of 2022 they will no longer be able to be sold as solid fuel heating appliances.

Are ECODESIGN stoves available now?

YES… SANDPITS HEATING CENTRE already stock some stoves and will have more in the showroom as they become available.

Look for the SIA label.