Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Sandpits


We understand the excitement of having a new stove fitted into your home with the selected stove being chosen for its looks and the warm flame pattern it gives when alight. But with every stove there has to be a flue system. In truth it’s the piece of a stove installation nobody really wants and there can be a tendency to go for a lower priced option as out of sight is out of mind.

The truth is the flue system is integral to both the performance of your stove and keeping you and your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. The installation of the flue is also critical to ensure it is safe and there are no potential fire hazards.

Sandpits have collaborated with the UK’s two leading flue companies, Schiedel, a manufacturer of premium flue systems along with Specflue a specialist flue distributor. This collaboration ensures you get a first-class installation that complies with all the regulation from Sandpits, with the added security of having a premium quality UK manufactured chimney supplied in perfect condition with local support from a national distributor.

This combination of Sandpits, Schiedel and Specflue give the following advantages: 

  • Installation by professional accredited installer with an excellent reputation gained over two generations.
  • Premium flue products designed and manufactured in the UK for over 75 years.
  • Specialist flue distributor with 30 years knowledge of the industry.
  • Thicker material used in the flue construction than other systems on the market giving longer life.
  • Extensive range of components to ensure the best fit of the system to your building.
  • Local Southwest distribution warehouse with extensive stocks delivered on Specflue’s own transport to ensure no transit damage from carriers.
  • Extensive technical support in the UK from both Schiedel and Specflue.
  • Full Lifetime warranty on the product that does not reduce with time