Stove Spares


How durable are stove parts?

Durability of stove components is akin to the lifespan of car tyres—it varies widely.

Four key elements affect this:

  • The make and design of your stove and parts
  • How well it was set up
  • Choosing the right fuel
  • The most crucial: your usage habits

Frequent and intense usage can shorten a part’s life, and incorrect operation can also lead to premature wear.  Misusing your stove by burning unsuitable materials including treated, wet or soft woods, or over-firing it, can shorten part longevity. 

However, proper use and maintenance can significantly extend their longevity.

Do warranties cover stove parts?

Given the variables in usage, manufacturers often exclude ‘consumable items’ from warranties as parts gradually degrade with use. That said, careful usage and regular maintenance can help you get more mileage out of each part.  

Examples of ‘consumable items’ would include fire bricks, baffle/throat plates, glass, clips, handles, knobs, support cheeks, grates, screws and fixtures.

When should I replace my stove instead of its parts?

When considering a replacement, assess your budget, the age of your stove, and the cost of spare parts. Modern stoves are marvels of efficiency and technology, offering greater fuel economy which might save you money in the long run. Eventually, parts for older models may become difficult to find or the cost may outweigh the benefits of keeping an aging stove. If that’s the case and it fits into your budget, exploring our range of contemporary wood burners could be a wise choice.


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